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The job of a sports parent can be difficult at times. Through mental coaching with the parents as well as the little athlete, we can make it easier!

I believe that a lot of parents and young athletes don’t have a clear image about the way mental practices could improve sports performances. That might be due to the fact that we tend to associate this way of preparation with psychological problems/ ilness.

I do understand your hesitation, and I also know that if you will continue reading we will destroy this myth together.

Mental practices are focused on educating young athletes about inner strength, on developing mental skills that provide self-confidence and lead to succes, as well as breaking down barriers that stand in the way of top performances.

At the same time, the family, peer group, and coach, have the biggest influence over the athlete throughout his career. Therefore, the foundation on which the young athlete builds his career in his first years of sport needs to be a strong, unbreakable one.

How do we do this?

Through emotional, instrumental and informative support, so that we can make sure that the child has a positive, successful sports experience.

Parents, it’s important for you to know that eating habits, sleep and rest, autonomy and responsibility, but also time management, are key factors when it comes to the holistic development of a professional athlete, and maintaining a balance between all these factors is synonymus with a healthy sports experience.

It’s true, being a young athlete’s parent is a difficult job to have, especially because knowing the level you should get involved in his career so that you can have the positive, desired effect on it, is not easy to figure out!

If you want to talk more about the above mentioned topics, book a session, we will find solutions together!


200 lei

Session: 60-90 min.

Before the first appointment, a 10-15 minute conversation is required to establish the terms of collaboration.

How do you know if your young athlete can benefit from mental training sessions? Easily! If your answer is “yes” to one or more questions about your child.

  • Does he/she have doubts about the played sport before competitions?
  • Is he/she not able to perform as well during games as he/she is during practices?
  • Does he/she get anxios and is unable to control his/her emotions on the sports field/court?
  • Is he/she easily distracted by other persons or the surroundings?
  • Is he/she getting angry or frustrated quickly when he/she makes mistakes or things don’t go his/her way?
  • Does the fear of failure affect his/her behavior and is limiting his sports performances?

How can you tell if you, as a parent, could benefit from being guided in supporting your young athlete efficiently?

Here are some questions for you, and your honest answers will tell if you need our support:

  • Do I evaluate my child’s success based on his/her level of happiness while playing sports, or based on their results ?
  • Do I, as a parent, offer positive feedback and help him/her to have a happy, joyful experience?
  • Am I being too critical of my child’s performance?
  • Is my young athlete’s motivation internal or does he/she feel the need to please me?
  • Do I support my child according to the coach’s game plan or am I trying to coach him/her my own way from the stands?
  • Does my behavior during competitions make my child feel confident or annoyed and pressured?
  • Am I doing everything in my power to boost my child’s self-confidence in the sport he/she is playing?

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