What is Mental Strength Training about?

When you are competing against an opponent, the battle doesn’t take place only on the court/ field, but also inside of you!

The way you are training during practice, what motivates you, the lenght of time you are able to pay attention on the task without getting distracted, how well you deal with the pressure of the competition, how well you can control your emotions and thoughts, the level of self- confidence, and last but not least – how hard you are trying to avoid making mistakes/ failing– these are all parts of YOU!

If you are a professional athlete, you already know what I’m talking about! And at this point, all of the above mentioned resources are either assets you are succesfully using in your advantage, or liabilities when it comes to performing at your highest potential.

I know, maybe you’re thinking that some athletes are lucky enough to posess these qualities naturally, or maybe they get the coach’s vote of confidence more then you do, or maybe you even get to train as your highest self but fail to do it during competition, and you can’t seem to understand why.

No matter if or which one applies to you, the good news is that just like any other physical sports ability, all of the above mentioned resources can be trained just as well and efficiently!

For example, if you’re a basketball player, until you are able to make thousands of shots, you first need to intentionally think how low to get on your knees, how to correctly hold the ball, to keep the elbow in a certain position, to give direction from the fingertips and so on. These are all voluntary moves, which with enough repetition become automatic moves that our body learns to execute without needing to pay attention anymore.

Now the same thing happens with our thoughts and emotions. First we identify them, we observe in which situations they arise, we decide what helps and what not, we get rid of the harmful ones and multiply the helpful ones, we practice, practice, practice…

The result?

The mentality that fuels our highest self becomes automatic, leaving the old, limiting one behind.


150 lei

Session: 60 min.

Before the first appointment, a 10-15 minute conversation is required to establish the terms of collaboration.

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