Personal Training through Basketball

Train like a pro with Alexandra Uiuiu! 

We created this program for basketball enthusiasts, for the ones that want to train the same way professional athletes do, for the ones who want to loose weight or stay in shape through specific basketball exercises, or for the ones that want to improve their coordonation, speed or personal skills.

Once we establish the areas you want to improve in, we create short and long term goals so we can track our progress and we get started with the diversified, personalized practices, that suit your needs.

Instead of the usual personal training in a fitness gym, we will train on the basketball court, where we will improve your endurance, coordonation, shooting style, ballhandling, speed, and last but not least, you overall wellbeing.



100 lei

Session: 60 min.

The trainings will take place outdoors or in the hall, additional costs may arise with the rental of the space.

Before the first appointment, a 10-15 minute conversation is required to establish the terms of collaboration.

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