Youth Team Mental Training

Find the best version of your team with Alexandra Uiuiu.

  • Does your team not perform as well in competitions as they do in practice?
  • Does it look like your athletes are losing focus while under game pressure?
  • Do your players perform well individually but not as a group?
  • As a leader, do you sometimes feel like the information you are trying to communicate doesn’t come across as intended?
  • Are you wondering what strategies would work best to motivate your players, both individually and collectively?

Let’s coach your team so that they can have a winner’s mentality and know how to handle stressful moments and difficulties, let’s work on group cohesion so that you can all work in a positive and motivating environment. Mental training, in addition to the physical, technical, tactical preparation is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to reaching your goals.

If your answer is YES to one or more of the above-mentioned questions, we can help you.


250 lei

Session: 120 min.

Before the first appointment, a 10-15 minute conversation is required to establish the terms of collaboration.

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