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Before the first appointment, a 10-15 minute conversation is required to establish the terms of collaboration.

What do we do with our emotions?

The way you are training during practice, what motivates you, the lenght of time you are able to pay attention on the task without getting distracted, how well you deal with the pressure of the competition, how well you can control your emotions and thoughts, the level of self- confidence, and last but not least – how hard you are trying to avoid making mistakes/ failing– these are all parts of YOU!

How do we make the parent-athlete relationship work perfectly?

The job of a sports parent can be difficult at times. Through mental coaching with the parents as well as the little athlete, we can make it easier!

Find the best version of your team!

Let’s coach your team so that they can have a winner’s mentality and know how to handle stressful moments and difficulties, let’s work on group cohesion so that you can all work in a positive and motivating environment. Mental training, in addition to the physical, technical, tactical preparation is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to reaching your goals.

Practice makes perfect! Train with Alexandra Uiuiu

If you are truly passionate about basketball and feel motivated to become the best you can be, schedule a video meeting and let’s get to know each other!

What is a life coach more precisely?

A personal trainer that helps you succeed in all areas of your life.

More exaclty, we identify your greatest dreams, we transform them in objectives and we find the best ways for you to reach them!

Train like a pro with Alexandra Uiuiu!

Instead of the usual personal training in a fitness gym, we will train on the basketball court, where we will improve your endurance, coordonation, shooting style, ballhandling, speed, and last but not least, you overall wellbeing.

I'm here to help you!

With the help of mental and psychological preparation, I have transformed unpleasant experiences into lessons, choosing to evolve using these teachings to my advantage rather than pitying myself, pointing fingers at others, or being complacent with reality.

I offer the same support and guidance to those I work with!